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Results for the Spring racing series.

Spring Series Begins 5/3/16

Tomorrow is our first Tuesday for the Spring Series, with sunny skies, temps in the low 60’s and 5 to 7 mph WNW winds.  First starting sequence is scheduled for 6:30 pm.  After the races, we meet at Brewster’s on Portage, for results.  If you have yet to join for 2016, remember to bring your money or checkbook to join – I will have forms.  Our new PRO, Jerry Mohney will discuss the new set up for weekly race chair and committee boating staffing sign-ups.
Remember, we are racing two fleets, Portsmouth A and Portsmouth B with one start for the 2016 Spring Series.

Final Results for 2015 Sailing Series All Posted

The Final Results of the Spring Portsmouth, Summer A Portsmouth and Summer B Portsmouth series racing is now posted on the Results page.

Based on the number of sailors in the “core fleets” (sailors that sailed at least 60% of the actual races raced in the series) for each fleet, and going at LEAST 50% deep into a core fleet, year end trophies will be awarded as follows:

Spring Portsmouth Fleet:  10 Races raced, 10 races x 60% = 6 races (sailors who raced at least 6 races in the Spring series are part of the “core fleet”), 19 Sailors in core fleet, 19 sailors x 50% = trophies awarded to 10th place.

Summer Portsmouth B Fleet:  17 Races raced, 17 races x 60% = 10 races (sailors who raced at least 10 races in the Summer series are part of the “core fleet”), 8 Sailors in core fleet, 8 sailors x 50% = trophies awarded to 4th place.

Summer Portsmouth A Fleet:  17 Races raced, 17 races x 60% = 10 races (sailors who raced at least 10 races in the Summer series are part of the “core fleet”), 12 Sailors in core fleet, 12 sailors x 50% = trophies awarded to 6th place.

Awards for the Most Improved New and Seasoned Skipper will be awarded at the year end banquet on Saturday, October 3, 2015.

Sailors that didn’t qualify for one of the above trophies are eligible for a participation brass plate to add to their trophy base, if they sailed at least 50% of the actual races for the ENTIRE YEAR.  The cost of the brass plate is $5.00.  If you are eligible for the participation brass plate and don’t yet have a trophy base, you will be provided with one free of charge.

All fleet members that are eligible for one (or more trophies) or a participation plate, will be contacted via email by Andy Lenczycki during the week of September 21, 2015 to get any specific information required for your individual brass plate.  If I haven’t gotten a response back by Friday, September 25, you may not get a plate (or it may not display the full/correct data).

Week 7 Spring Series (6/16/15)

Three major items on the agenda for this week’s e-mail:

  1. You all should have received another invite for the committee boat sign-up page.  We have been fortunate to have Dave D, Steve C. and Jeff D. provide a pontoon boat for the Spring Series, thanks guys!  However, we only have a single 2 week slot signed up for summer, and that’s by Dave S. in August (thanks Dave!). WE NEED BOATS FOR JULY, or we will not be able to start the summer series!  You can forward your invite to anyone else you may think is interested – including non-fleet members who live on the lake.
  2. After sailing results this week is at the Taproom at the Airway Fun Center at 5626 Portage Rd. Portage, MI (see map below for trailer parking areas).  Next week and July 7th we go back to Brewster’s.  I think everyone enjoyed Brewster’s last week – I really appreciated their huge menu selection!  We will try to secure more Tuesday’s at Brewster’s if everyone likes it, but there is another group who has the room on alternate weeks, and we may need an alternate site.  The parking situation at Latitude 42 remains an issue, since even at 8 :45 pm on a Tuesday night, the parking lot is packed!
  3. 2015 ALCA Pontoon Boat Party:  We have a volunteer host location for the post float dinner, for July 18th or July 19th. (Thanks Jim and Kathy Kuk!).  During announcements this Tuesday, we will vote on these dates.  If anyone cannot attend either the July 18th or 19th (but would if it were on a different date) please let us know!

    Tap Room at Airway Lanes & Trailer Parking - Click on Pic for larger version.
    Tap Room at Airway Lanes & Trailer Parking – Click on Pic for larger version.