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Results for the Summer racing series.

Summer Series Week 2 – July 12, 2016

Firstly, we have a change of venue for our after sailing get together – Faith and Ken Akert have graciously invited us over to help finish off the keg that was left over from their 4th of July party.
The fleet will provide dogs, brats and a few salads, so hope you can make it – address is 9702 East Shore Drive.  There is trailer parking alongside the street.
Weather looks HOT, with SW winds at 8-15 mph, so should be a good night!
If you plan to sail this year – now is the time to join!  I will have membership forms on Tuesday, I want to get out the directory before next weekend, so it would be great if we could have a complete updated set of data.

Final Results for 2015 Sailing Series All Posted

The Final Results of the Spring Portsmouth, Summer A Portsmouth and Summer B Portsmouth series racing is now posted on the Results page.

Based on the number of sailors in the “core fleets” (sailors that sailed at least 60% of the actual races raced in the series) for each fleet, and going at LEAST 50% deep into a core fleet, year end trophies will be awarded as follows:

Spring Portsmouth Fleet:  10 Races raced, 10 races x 60% = 6 races (sailors who raced at least 6 races in the Spring series are part of the “core fleet”), 19 Sailors in core fleet, 19 sailors x 50% = trophies awarded to 10th place.

Summer Portsmouth B Fleet:  17 Races raced, 17 races x 60% = 10 races (sailors who raced at least 10 races in the Summer series are part of the “core fleet”), 8 Sailors in core fleet, 8 sailors x 50% = trophies awarded to 4th place.

Summer Portsmouth A Fleet:  17 Races raced, 17 races x 60% = 10 races (sailors who raced at least 10 races in the Summer series are part of the “core fleet”), 12 Sailors in core fleet, 12 sailors x 50% = trophies awarded to 6th place.

Awards for the Most Improved New and Seasoned Skipper will be awarded at the year end banquet on Saturday, October 3, 2015.

Sailors that didn’t qualify for one of the above trophies are eligible for a participation brass plate to add to their trophy base, if they sailed at least 50% of the actual races for the ENTIRE YEAR.  The cost of the brass plate is $5.00.  If you are eligible for the participation brass plate and don’t yet have a trophy base, you will be provided with one free of charge.

All fleet members that are eligible for one (or more trophies) or a participation plate, will be contacted via email by Andy Lenczycki during the week of September 21, 2015 to get any specific information required for your individual brass plate.  If I haven’t gotten a response back by Friday, September 25, you may not get a plate (or it may not display the full/correct data).

Summer Series Week 10 (9/8/15)

This is our last scheduled week of racing for the year!  My apologies for this late communication – hope everyone had a wonderful Labor Day weekend and first weekend of college football – I know I sure did!  Tonight’s weather is pretty iffy, with a 60% chance of thunderstorms and SSW winds at 9 mph at 6 pm – so stay tuned.  It might turn out to be nice if there’s a break in the wave of storms.  If we are cancelled, we still will gather at Brewster’s, so plan to come out anyway – I will call ahead to reserve “our spot” for us.

Summer Series Week 8 (8/25/15)

The summer series (and 2015 racing) is winding down, with tomorrow being Week 8 of 10.  We’re looking at cool temps, with highs around 66 degrees F, cloudy skies and WNW winds at 10-15 mph.  At Brewster’s following sailing, we meet in the dining room, as there is expected to be others in the room off to the side.  Remember to save the date of our year end party – Saturday October 3rd – we are in the process of narrowing down a few choices for our end of year dinner celebration and will get that info out to all of you as soon as we know more.

Results of the protest that was heard last week will also be discussed at Brewster’s, so plan on attending.

Summer Series Week 7 (8/18/15)

Tomorrows’ forecast is for 5 to 10 mph winds out of the SSW and a 50% – 80% chance of storms.  We have the room reserved at Brewster’s, so if we are cancelled, we can go there early.  For many who have had numerous rules/right of way questions, this would be the perfect time to ask them, so plan to come out regardless of the weather situation.  Who knows, it may just clear up!