Summer Series Week 4 (7/28/15)

Summer is here this week! Yay! We’re looking at a high of 90 Tuesday, with 5 to 10 mph winds out of the southeast, becoming light and variable into the evening.  After racing we go to Brewsters.

In the event of a cancellation, if there are folks who are here to attend, we would meet for a rules review – so if the weather looks iffy, still come on over (for those who are out of town)!  Location TBD, but for certain weeks, like tomorrow, we know we’ll have the room earlier at Brewsters.  A rules review is something both the newer folks as well as many of us who have “heard it before” would greatly benefit from!

The only other thing here is to remind everyone that the year end party is scheduled for Saturday October 3rd – so save the date!

What If?

In response to a fleet member’s request to show “what if” they (and others) had sailed in A fleet, the following results would have been applicable the week of 7-14-15 (Summer Series, Week 2).  I’m not in favor of running all sorts of scenarios to find out “what if” (what if the wind was stronger, what if the wind was weaker, what if we ran a course 2 instead of a course 1, what if I’d started on Port rather than Starboard, etc.).  Best advice is “do it” and you’ll know.

It already takes a fair amount of time to keep all the scoring info up to date for just actual weekly and season results, and administering the website .   I’m personally not in favor of making the job any more complicated or time-consuming.  This fall, when nomination of officers comes up, please feel free to  have someone throw your name into the ring for fleet Statistician (then you can run any scenario you have the time and inclination to).  Sail Fastest (then “what if” doesn’t matter)!

7-14-21 WhatIf

Summer Series Week 3 (7/21/15)

For sailing, we are expecting sunny skies with temperatures in the 70’s, with NW winds at 10-15 mph.
Tomorrow is the third week of the summer series…..and seems that we do FINALLY have summer weather.  Our float party was a big success yesterday, with 6+ pontoon boats and 2 speed boats.  Perfect weather with a nice breeze and lots of sunshine, along with great company made for a perfect afternoon.  Big thanks to Kathy and Jim Kuk who hosted a taco dinner, and we ended the evening we a beautiful sunset.  There is food leftover, so we are meeting at the Kuk’s place after sailing tomorrow night, instead of going to Brewsters.  There is lots of pop, but otherwise, it’s BYOB.  They are at 9714 East Shore Dr., plan to come over as soon as you can after sailing.

Summer Series Week 2 (7/14/15)

Tomorrow is Week 2 of Summer series already! Forecast for tomorrow’s sailing time is partly cloudy, 76 degrees with a 20% chance of rain and NW winds around 13 mph, decreasing into the evening. After sailing we go to Brewster’s for results.

Also, if you haven’t already, please RSVP for the float party that is coming up this next Sunday, July 19th. For those who do not live on the lake, we’ll need to arrange a boat for you to go out on, unless you have your own watercraft, of course.

Updated Links

The Other Links page has been updated to show who our 2015 Austin Lake Regatta sponsors were.  Please show your appreciation for the nice door prizes and other items that were donated by this year’s sponsors by ordering from them.

Also added is a link to RaceQs, which is free performance and evaluation software for your cell phone, that allows you to analyze your sailing performance for a given race.  Pretty slick program (…and free)!

No Committee Boat = No Racing!

You all should have received another invite for the committee boat sign-up pageNOTE:  This is NOT to work the committee boat, but rather than to PROVIDE a Committee Boat!  We have been fortunate to have Dave D, Steve C. and Jeff D. provide a pontoon boat for the Spring Series, thanks guys!  However, we only have a single 2 week slot signed up for summer, and that’s by Dave S. in August (thanks Dave!). WE NEED BOATS FOR JULY, or we will not be able to start the summer series!  You can forward your invite to anyone else you may think is interested – including non-fleet members who live on the lake.

This sign up is protected by an access code.  When prompted, enter the code “2015 ALCA” for access.  There is a space between “2015” and “ALCA”.  Each time slot is for 2 consecutive weeks.

To sign up, go to:

Summer Series Week 1 (7/7/15)

Tomorrow is the first day of the Summer Series of racing. Remember, we are splitting between A and B Portsmouth fleets; all of you were supposed to designate which fleet you preferred, when you turned in your membership forms for 2015.  If you are not sure, we can work it all out tomorrow or sometime very soon. There still will be a single start for each race.
By next week, we can send out updated fleet rosters so that everyone knows who they will be scored with.  Still, ALL RULES APPLY when boats meet, regardless if you are in separate fleets!
The weather looks decent, cooling off and winds at 10 mph out of the North.  The rain should clear by late afternoon, so it looks promising.  Jim and Kathy Kuk are providing the pontoon boat for race committee these next two weeks.  We’re still looking for more, so please consider helping out!

For the entire month of July, we are gathering at Brewster’s on Portage Rd for results. Hope to see you there!