Summer Series Week 8 (8/25/15)

The summer series (and 2015 racing) is winding down, with tomorrow being Week 8 of 10.  We’re looking at cool temps, with highs around 66 degrees F, cloudy skies and WNW winds at 10-15 mph.  At Brewster’s following sailing, we meet in the dining room, as there is expected to be others in the room off to the side.  Remember to save the date of our year end party – Saturday October 3rd – we are in the process of narrowing down a few choices for our end of year dinner celebration and will get that info out to all of you as soon as we know more.

Results of the protest that was heard last week will also be discussed at Brewster’s, so plan on attending.

Summer Series Week 7 (8/18/15)

Tomorrows’ forecast is for 5 to 10 mph winds out of the SSW and a 50% – 80% chance of storms.  We have the room reserved at Brewster’s, so if we are cancelled, we can go there early.  For many who have had numerous rules/right of way questions, this would be the perfect time to ask them, so plan to come out regardless of the weather situation.  Who knows, it may just clear up!

Summer Series Week 6 (8/11/15)

We’re past the midpoint of summer series, the season is going quickly! We’ve been extremely “lucky” with wind, and it looks like it’s going to continue, with Tuesday’s conditions:  NW winds at 10-20 mph and NOT decreasing too much into the night.  We meet at Brewster’s afterwards, and as last week, another group is scheduled before us, so we’ll get the dining area to the left in the event that they’re still around.

Photo Gallery Page Added

A Photo page has been added to the website and can be accessed thru the Photos menu below the website banner.  If you click on one of the thumbnail pictures, you will be taken to a gallery display page, which shows the picture you selected full screen size and has forward and back arrows on either side of the picture to take you forward (or backward) in the current photo gallery.  Click the small ‘x’ directly above the ‘back’ arrow to close the gallery and return to the Photo page.  You can also download the full sized file if you find a picture you like.

Have been adding pictures that Julie Lenczycki took while on the committee boat the week of 7/21/15.  More pictures from that date are still to be added.

Summer Series Week 5 (8/4/15)

The good news for the week – is that we’re due to have some wind tonight, not like Sunday’s nuclear blast (ask Andy & Dave S.), but still should be windy, with the forecast at 10 – 20mph out of the west with sunny skies in the 70s around race time.  Hope everyone was safe yesterday with those storms – the pictures were absolutely amazing of what was going on up north!

Our gathering will be at Brewsters – however, we may not have the room since there is another group scheduled for 6pm.  SO for the first ones to arrive – if there are people you don’t know in the room, go to the dining room to the left of the bar.