Important Fleet Meeting Sat. April 2, 2016

ALCA Fleet #519 Spring Kick-off Meeting and Hobie Stone Soup Gathering

When:  Saturday, April 2, 2016
Where:  the Akert’s—9702 East Shore Drive
Time:  5:00 Meeting; 6:30 Dinner
We are anticipating some changes to the ALCA Fleet Bylaws which will require input and voting by all fleet members, along with other important pre-season decisions (how many fleets, season start dates, how many starts, etc.).  Since no one has volunteered to be the fleet Race Chairman for the season, additional changes are being contemplated to the Fleet Bylaws.
The Party Committee will get the basic soup ingredients
(broth and meat) and fleet members need to bring the add-ins
whether it be a can of healthy veggie soup, a cup of cut up
veggies (carrots, celery, tomatoes, squash, potatoes, peas,
corn, green beans), a spice packet, can of beans or pre-
cooked pasta. We will put all into the pots and while we are
meeting, the soup will simmer and the flavors meld together!
Margaret has volunteered to make bread for this gathering so
you can bring either an appetizer, salad or a dessert. BYO
Adult Beverages.  The fleet will have some sodas and the
RSVP to Faith at 269-327-5427 by March 29