Spring Series Results 2016 Finalized

The Spring Series Portsmouth A & B Fleet results are posted on the Series Results page.  This should incorporate all PAID members, and reflect HLP (Help) points for all sailors that supplied a committee boat, were the weekly Race Chairman, or worked on the committee boat.  All HLP points must be approved by the Principle Race Officer (PRO).  If you see any discrepancy, please notify the Statistician, Andy Lenczycki.

Summer Series Week 1 – June 28, 2016

We do race tomorrow as it is the start of summer series, and have next week off for the bye week.  Also, wanted to let everyone know that I am filling in for Jerry as PRO for tomorrow, since he and Lori will be in Ann Arbor to welcome in the birth of their second grandbaby.  Any questions about cancellations should go to me, either by e-mail, katsail.mi@gmail.com, or text/phone: 269.598.7817.
However, it does look like a pleasant night to sail tomorrow, with temperatures in the low 70’s and NNW winds at 8-10 mph.  We go to Brewster’s following racing.
For the next Tuesday, July 5th, we have nothing formal scheduled, however, some folks will rig and sail on Austin Lake anyway, weather permitting.  If you think you’ll sail, post on our Facebook page, and others might be encouraged to get out as well.  There also may be a small gathering at a place TBD.
That’s it for now – remember – no Jerry tomorrow, direct any questions to me!

Spring Series Week 8 (of 8) – June 21, 2016

Hard to believe, Tuesday is the final week of Spring series.  We will be looking at sunny skies, with a high of 80 degrees, and WNW winds of 10-15 mph at race time.  We go to Brewster’s after sailing.

Also remember that we start directly into Summer series next Tuesday, June 28th, then have July 5th off.

Kathy Rubino emailed out the three sign-up lists for either Race Chairmen, Race Committee, or for providing your boat to be used for the race committee, all essential parts of making our Tuesday night races possible.  You will also see who thus far has volunteered their time; great thanks to all of you and also to Jerry Mohney for coordinating this group effort!  Without each of these every week, we could not race.  There are plenty of opportunities remaining for the summer series so that members can work together to make this happen.  Please consider if you have yet to sign up!

Spring Series Week 7 – June 14, 2016

Whew what a weekend!  Many of ALCA was on or near Navy Pier this weekend to cheer on Oracle Team USA in the LVACWS Chicago – what a site to see the big cats up on their foils!  And we witnessed 2 capsizes out on the water on Friday – luckily no one was hurt.  That was such a fun event, and a treat to see the boats AND teams up close!  It all just want way too fast – I’m sure many of us will be watching the video’s for days to come.
Tuesday is the second to last week of the Spring Series, and it looks like a pleasant night, with SE winds at 5 to 10 mph with a slight chance of rain.  We meet at Brewster’s following sailing.
Looking forward to the Summer Series, which starts on June 28th, we have a few things to get in order before we can race – namely the use of a pontoon boat. Jerry has asked for those who are living on the lake, to please consider signing up to provide the boat to be used for running the races.  He will have the lists at the bar.
Also, the possible dates for the float party are Sunday July 24th or August 7th, and we still need a host house for the gathering after being on the water.  Whoever volunteers as host gets to pick which of the dates we go with.
That’s it for now…….let’s hope for some good “pressure” Tuesday out on the water!

ALCA Pontoon Float Party

Thinking ahead to fleet activities and the annual pontoon boat float party – we have selected two possible Sundays which should minimally conflict with other sailing events:  July 24th or August 7th, both are Sundays.  Please let us know which of these dates you prefer, and if you can host the gathering for dinner afterwards – the host has the liberty for choosing the date that works the best for them.  We wanted to get this planned soon.